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Remove Coffee Stains From A Suede Chair Inside Of Your Office

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If a client spilled some coffee on one of the suede chairs inside of your office, remove the liquid and any stains on the fabric by completing the steps below. Once the fabric has been restored to the condition it was in when you first purchased the piece of office furniture, implement some tips to prevent it or any other furniture from being susceptible to damage.


  • lint-free cloths
  • mild detergent 
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • soft-bristled scrub brush
  • white vinegar
  • hair dryer
  • suede conditioner
  • buffing pad
  • slipcovers

Use A Cloth To Soak Up Coffee And Remove Stains

Press a lint-free cloth over each damp portion of the chair's fabric to soak up as much coffee as possible. Fill a spray bottle with water and add a small amount of mild detergent to it. Shake the bottle to mix the water and soap. Apply the cleaning spray to any stains that remain on the suede. After the spray penetrates for a few minutes, use a soft-bristled scrub brush to loosen stains from the fabric.

Any stubborn stains that aren't eliminated with the soapy water can be treated with a small amount of white vinegar and a scrub brush. Once the coffee stains have been removed, wipe away any soap or vinegar that remains on the fabric with a damp cloth.

Dry And Buff The Suede

Set a hairdryer to high and move it back and forth over any wet parts on the chair. Once the suede has dried, buff it by adding a small amount of suede conditioner to a buffing pad and moving it over the fabric in small circles. Treat the entire chair in order to increase the suppleness of the suede and prevent it from cracking or fading. After treating the fabric, wipe off any excess suede conditioner with a lint-free cloth.

Protect Furniture Pieces From Damage

Preserve the condition of suede furniture in your office by purchasing slipcovers and placing one over each piece before meeting with clients or serving beverages. If you do not wish to cover the furniture that you own in this manner, you can set up a simple patio table and chairs in one corner of the room that you work in to use while serving food or drinks or meet customers in a public cafe or restaurant. Remember to clean commercial furniture if any visible dirt is present in a timely manner to keep the furniture in great shape. 


27 July 2016