Growing Hemp? Four Tips For First-Timers

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The demand for hemp products has increased over the past several years. Some people are extracting CBD from the hemp and using it for therapeutic purposes and others are making jewelry from the stems of the plant. If you want to grow hemp for any purpose, you're going to quickly realize that there is a bit of a learning curve. This is a bit different from growing corn or tomatoes. Here are four tips to help you grow hemp successfully your first time.

18 October 2019

Make Your Kitchen Island Illuminating With Backlit Countertops

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Backlit, illuminated countertops are a new trend in kitchen design. But is it right for you? A backlit counter is usually a natural stone counter that is illuminated from below. The illumination gives it a dramatic, almost otherworldly appearance. Want a Night Light? One of the major advantages of a backlit counter is that it can be used as a light at night. Backlit counters aren't bright enough to be glaring: the glow is very subtle.

5 September 2019

Talking Major PSI! What Hard-Hitting Commercial Pressure Washers Can Do For You

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A pressure washer is a pressure washer, right? Not exactly. There are residential pressure washers that do a decent job of washing your car and removing dirt from the stone tiles of your patio. Then there are commercial pressure washers that can remove just about any kind of stuff from any surface you can imagine. What exactly is the pressure difference? Would you want something more powerful to do a simpler residential job, or is that a bad idea?

25 July 2019

4 Propane Accessories You Need For Your RV

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Summer is here, and for many people, that means hitting the open road in their recreational vehicle. Whether you park it at your favorite campground or cruise from spot to spot, you're going to need your trusty propane tank to help you feel at home. These four propane accessories will make using propane even easier and safer. Liquid Propane Gas Alarm Statistics show carbon monoxide is responsible for approximately 25 percent of all propane-related fatalities.

25 June 2019

4 Ideas For Downtown Community Events In Your Small Town

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Small towns across rural America are dying, left with a downtown full of vacant storefronts and no industry. Organizations such as Main Street America are helping older or historic communities revitalize themselves, and holding community events is one way to increase visibility and revenue. Here are four ideas for community events in your town. Develop "First Fridays" Many small business owners are struggling in small towns, especially if a mega-retailer has a presence.

28 May 2019

Why It's Not Necessarily A Good Thing To Set Your Prices Lower Than Your Competitors

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One of the big decisions that you'll need to make when starting a therapy private practice is how much you'll charge per session. It's a good idea to determine what other therapists who serve the area are charging for 30- and 60-minute sessions, as these rates can vary from area to area. You might feel that setting your prices lower than your competitors would be a good way to get clients, and there may indeed be some people who automatically seek you out because of your rates.

10 April 2019

Two Ways To Include Corporate Video Production In Your Business Affairs

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Marketing your business doesn't always mean creating advertisements which are aimed at appealing to new customers. Sometimes your most compelling content should be geared toward showing the people who are either already on the team or that plan to sign up just how lucky they are to be part of your vision. A good way to do this is to create corporate videos and use them for specific reasons. Find out how you can use corporate video production to forward your business agenda and make your workplace a more exciting place to be.

11 February 2019

Improving Your Quality Of Customer Service

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A business that isn't able to generate money in a fast manner can lead to the owner giving up on it. When you are relying on other customers to purchase your products before a profit can be made, your main goal should be to keep them satisfied. You can lose out on making a lot of money if your customer service isn't of a high standard, even if your products are desirable.

11 October 2018

Types Of Safes You Should Keep In Your Medical Treatment Facility

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When most people think of safes, they think about businesses like banks, convenient stores, and even restaurants. However, as the manager of a medical office, you also need safes in your place of business. With crime rates growing at an astounding rate in big cities and small towns alike, there is now more of a reason than ever to ensure your property, and the things in it, are rightly protected. Safes can be integrated in inconspicuous ways in your medical facility, and they do make a logical choice.

7 April 2018

Adult Responsibilities Include Utilities: Do You Know How To Pay Them?

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In college, you never have to worry about keeping the lights on, keeping the heat going, or running water. In a dorm, these things are provided. If you live off campus, there is a pretty good chance that your roommates might offer to pay the utilities if someone else pays the rent or pays for cable TV. This tends to put hundreds of thousands of young adults at a disadvantage when they finally graduate college and move into an apartment by themselves.

26 February 2018