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Reasons To Specifically Tailor Your Resume To The Position You're Applying For

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Many people feel that writing a resume can be a challenge, which may prompt them to go through this exercise once — and then submit the same resume each time they apply for a job. While it's certainly possible that you can get an interview and receive a job offer based on your resume, it's generally a poor practice to submit the same resume to each job you apply for, especially if you're seeking employment in different fields. A better strategy is to specifically tailor your resume to the position you're applying for. If you find doing so to be a challenge, it's best to team up with a professional resume writing service, such as JWC Professional Resume Services, for help. Here are some reasons to take the approach of customizing your resume.

It Shows Effort

Hiring managers will often be able to differentiate between a resume that has been written for the position and a general one that has simply been submitted. The latter is often obvious because of information that has no relevance — for example, the listed skills would never be used in the position in question. When you tailor your resume to the position you're applying for, it immediately shows the hiring manager that you've put effort into your application, which can make it stand out.

It Will Catch The Manager's Eye Faster

Hiring managers may browse through dozens of resumes, which means that they may only look at each one for a few seconds before either discarding it or putting it into the "considerations" pile. When you've tailored your resume to the position, your resume will catch the manager's eye faster. For example, he or she will notice experience and attributes that directly relate to the position. This gives you a better chance of having the resume considered, rather than being discarded.

It Shows You As A Better Fit

When your resume is specifically written for the position, it can help you show you as a perfect fit for the job. Whether you hire a professional or write the resume yourself, your resume should address each point in the job listing. This way, the hiring manager will scan through your resume and be impressed with how suitable your skills and experience make you for the position in question. For example, if the position includes a leadership role and you've devoted a section of your resume to detailing your experience and training related to leadership, the hiring manager will notice.


17 May 2017