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A Guide To The Need For And Use Of Peptides For The Hair Care Industry

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If you work in the beauty field, you have probably heard about the recently increased popularity of peptides. Since one function of peptides is to assist your body in digesting, using, or disposing of foreign substances and another function is producing hormones, peptides exist within every living thing. In addition, they are easy to reproduce artificially and those replicated peptides are beneficial to the naturally occurring units already present in your body. Therefore, when you are choosing which products your salon should carry or use on beauty clients, you should be aware of the following benefits associated with the use of artificial peptides in hair care products.

Understanding The Role And Use Of Peptides

It is first important to note that peptides are comprised of amino acids that join together to form partial proteins. The way that they have connected impacts the type of proteins they eventually become and aging will often diminish the number of peptides that your skin and body have. As a result, lines, wrinkles and other unfortunate effects on the skin are commonly seen as a person ages and hair loss or thinning often manifest due to inadequately functioning hair follicles. 

Fortunately, the use of products containing peptides can provide a rejuvenating effect on your skin and hair. Once you are familiar with the role and benefits of peptides, it is easy to see that their uses in the skin care and beauty industries could be almost endless. 

Peptides In Hair Care Products

As a hair care expert, hairdresser or administrator of a salon, your clients expect you to not only be aware of current trends and developments in your field, but to offer quality products with the newest ingredients. In this instance, that would include products containing peptides, of which there are many to choose from. Specifically, copper peptides are a popular option and can provide valuable anti-inflammatory properties, which can be useful when balding is a concern due to an auto-immune response.

In 2007 it was determined that products containing copper peptides, which might be known amongst professionals as GHK-Cu tripeptide, encourage better hair growth by stimulating the actual follicles. In addition, previous research established that hair follicles grew bigger after regular contact with copper peptides. By extension, persons suffering from thinning or thin hair are likely to benefit from products containing copper peptides and it is a good idea to consider using a quality line of hair care products containing that unique example of amino acids.

In conclusion, peptides can benefit the human body in a myriad of ways, including cosmetic applications in a salon setting. As a result, when you're choosing the products that you want your clients to access from your salon or from you personally, it's a good idea to consider the facts shared above. Check with places like Maxim Peptide for more information.


21 May 2017