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A Guide To Buying Commercial Fire Extinguishers

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For your business to remain safe and sound, you'll need to focus on some tips that will mitigate risks. While risks come in all forms, fire is one of the most common and most damaging that you could ever deal with. Because of this inherent risk, you need to stock your office building with tools that will help you prevent and fight these fires. You'll need to do things like invest in a fire alarm so that you can stop a fire, while also notifying the authorities at once. Fire alarms aside, make sure that you stock your building with fire extinguishers. 

If I have an alarm, do I still need fire extinguishers?

No matter how big or small your business, you absolutely need fire extinguishers. The numbers are staggering when it comes to fire risk in nonresidential structures. For example, did you know that on any given day, fire extinguishers are used to fight 600 fires in these buildings? In recent years, fires have taken the lives of more than 3000 civilians, while also creating thousands of injuries and close to $16 million in property damage or loss. If you take your business seriously, this risk is not worth toying with. So do the right thing and purchase a few fire extinguishers that will protect you and the people inside of your office. 

What types of fire extinguishers should I purchase?

Make sure that you research brands that are known to function properly whenever purchasing a fire extinguisher. Since this is absolutely a matter of life and death, you should never go with a subpar fire extinguisher manufacturer. In terms of the classification of fire extinguisher, they are broken down in Class A through Class F. A Class A fire extinguisher is the most common, dealing with solid materials, while Class B fire extinguishers put out flammable liquid fires. Make the right purchase and situate the extinguishers throughout your business.

How much will fire extinguishers cost?

When you are ready to purchase fire extinguishers, you should carve out some money in your operating budget to spend accordingly. Industrial-strength fire extinguishers run the gamut in cost from $300-$800. Get a tally of how many you will need to buy and consider bringing in a fire marshal to audit your building to let you know for sure. This way, you will have the confidence that your building is properly protected.

Think of these tips and use them to buy quality fire extinguishers. For more information, check out a company like Tri County Fire Protection!


23 May 2017