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3 Tips For Running A Successful Nonprofit Hiring Campaign

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The staff members that you hire to administer a non-profit can have a dramatic impact on the performance and success of the organization as a whole. Hiring non-profit executives can be challenging, so taking the time to ensure you are fully committed to the hiring process can be important.

Here are three tips that you can utilize to help ensure you are running a successful non-profit hiring campaign in the future:

1. Assess your current team's talents.

Many non-profit organizations make the mistake of attempting to hire executives that fill a perceived need rather than the actual needs of the organization. Before you begin reviewing resumes for an available executive position, you should assess the talents of your current team members.

Identifying their strengths and weaknesses will help you create a more concise set of criteria when it comes to evaluating potential executive candidates that can serve as a valuable asset to your non-profit organization in the future.

2. Determine your must-have skills.

The employees who work for non-profit organizations are often required to wear many different hats throughout the course of a day. Finding an executive who has a versatile skill set can enhance the quality of your nonprofit, but it's critical that you take the time to determine which skills are must-haves and which would be merely beneficial.

By taking the time to create a list of must-have skills you need your new non-profit executive to embody, you will be able to effectively use a recruiting agency to help you locate the most qualified candidate to add to your nonprofit team.

3. Establish a search strategy for finding candidates.

Once you are able to assess your current team's talents and identify some must-have skills your non-profit executive needs to embody, you can begin creating a strategy that will help you locate qualified candidates.

Establishing a search strategy ensures that you won't waste time sifting through resumes of candidates that don't have what it takes to work within your organization. Opting to partner with an executive search firm to help you target specific candidates can be a beneficial component of any successful search strategy.

Hiring a senior-level executive to help you run a non-profit organization can be challenging. Ensure that you are running a successful hiring campaign by identifying your existing team's weaknesses, identifying the skill set your new executive must possess, and establishing a systematic search strategy that will allow you to target qualified candidates.

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16 July 2017