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Time To Ship Your Holiday Packages: How To Put Those White Shipping Tubes To Use

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The holidays are here. It's time to start shipping those gifts to your friends and family across the country – and the world. When it comes to packaging, you might think that your only options are boxes and envelopes. However, that's not actually true. You can also use those white shipping tubes that so many businesses use. You'd be surprised how versatile those shipping tubes actually are. Here are just four ways that shipping tubes can make your life easier this holiday season.

You Can Use Them as Additional Packaging Material

When it comes to shipping gifts, you want to make sure that everything arrives in one piece. If you've picked up the bubble wrap and the packing peanuts, you've got just about everything you need. However, you still need to pick up a few shipping tubes, especially if you're going to be shipping things like picture frames. First, wrap your picture frames in your holiday wrapping. Next, use a utility knife to your shipping tubes to match the length of each side of your picture frames. Then, you'll want to cut your shipping tubes end to end, lengthwise. Open the shipping tubes and slide them over the edges of your picture frames. The shipping tubes will help protect the glass in your picture frames should the box get dropped during shipping.

You Can Ship More Than Documents in Them

Those white shipping tubes aren't just for documents. You can ship a wide variety of items inside those tubes. In fact, you can decorate them in holiday colors and fill them with candy and other small treats. The treats will stay safe and secure until they get to there final destination. You can even place small articles of clothing in the shipping tubes, including scarves, hats, and mittens.

You Can Bundle Them Together

If you're going to be sending multiple shipping tubes to the same address, you don't need to send them each individually. You can actually bundle a couple of them together and ship them like that. Simply place the tubes next to each other and secure them with packing tape. Attach a shipping label to the connected tubes and take them to the post office for shipping. You'll know that all your goody-filled tubes will arrive at the same time because they were shipped as one unit.

Now that the holidays are here, you don't need to stick with ordinary boxes to ship your packages. Make use of your white shipping tubes. They're a unique and effective way to send holiday packages.


4 December 2017