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I am an absolute shopaholic. I spend a lot of time patronizing literally every type of business under the sun. As an avid consumer, I believe that I have advice that I can give businesses that can help them become more successful and serve there customers better. Even though I am the only one working on this blog, much of what I write comes from endless conversations with friends and family members who have experienced frustrations when patronizing businesses, big and small. My name is Alice Stark and I hope you enjoy the journey that we will be going on together!

Improving Your Quality Of Customer Service

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A business that isn't able to generate money in a fast manner can lead to the owner giving up on it. When you are relying on other customers to purchase your products before a profit can be made, your main goal should be to keep them satisfied. You can lose out on making a lot of money if your customer service isn't of a high standard, even if your products are desirable. If you have already received several complaints in regards to your customer service, make a prompt change before your business ends up going downhill. The suggestions in this article should give you a general idea of the changes that can be considered for improving the quality of customer service for your website. 

Hire a Team of Customer Services Agents

If you have been answering all of your customers calls alone and there are always a lot of them, it might be the reason for the complaints. When you are speaking to one customer, it means that several others are likely waiting a long time before there calls are able to be answered. It is important to hire a team of customer service agents to assist with answering calls. Ensure that the team of workers are properly trained to ensure that they speak to your customers in the proper tone no matter the situation. Your agents must know that it is mandatory for your customers' satisfaction to be the main priority of each call.

Install Queue Management Software

Even with a team of customer service agents answering the phones, it still doesn't ensure that some of your customers will have to wait in a queue. To keep customers satisfied in such a situation, it is wise to install customer queue management software. The benefit of the software is that it will allow your agents to keep track of how long customers have been waiting for their calls to be answered, which can motivate them to speed up each call. The software can also be used for monitoring the quality of customer service that your agents are providing. Some versions of the software allows customers to leave feedback about the quality of service they received. 

Start Using a Chatbot on the Website

Other than hiring human customer service agents, you can also start using a chatbot on your website. The perk of using a chatbot is that your customers can go to it for assistance if they don't feel like calling on the phone. Customer service will basically be provided by a virtual agent who can answer questions to the extent of people thinking they are talking to an actual human. Using a virtual agent along with the human ones will make it easy for you to provide customer service on a 24/7 basis.


11 October 2018