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Rent a Storage Unit for an Easier Time with Maintaining a Rental Property


As a homeowner and rental property owner, you should have no problem with maintaining both properties. However, you may want to make it easier to maintain the rental property, especially because you may find it a little more challenging since you are not living in the house at all.

To accomplish this goal, you should look around at local storage facilities and rent a self storage unit where you can put all sorts of items that will help you maintain your rental property.

Paint Cans

After buying the rental property, you may have come across spare paint cans in the garage or decided to paint most of the home in another paint color. Either way, you may have ended up with a number of paint cans that are just waiting to be used for touch-ups or repainting. Since you are dedicating the entire storage unit to the rental property, you should consider renting one close to your rental property to enjoy quick and easy access to things such as paint cans.

Tile Slabs

Another item that you may have a lot of is tile slabs if you bought a home with tile flooring in any part of the house or even tile for the kitchen backsplash. When you have extra tile, you do not have to worry about trying to find an exact replica when a tile slab suffers from damage. Putting the tile slabs into an organized storage unit will keep them safe and sound until you need them.

Air Filters

As a standard part of house upkeep, you will need to replace the air filter in the home. As a rental property owner, you may like to take advantage of opportunities to save money on purchases when possible. This can lead to buying items such as air filters in bulk because you know that you will be able to use the same filters while maintaining the rental property over the years.

Using a storage unit is smart because it will give you the space you need to make these purchases with confidence and keep you from cluttering your home with items for the rental property.


If you like to handle work on your own when possible, you may have a decent amount of equipment that you only use when making repairs or replacing things in the rental home. This means that you can save a lot of space by putting all this equipment into storage. To maximize the life span of your equipment, you should make it a priority to get a climate-controlled unit.

A storage unit is well worth renting when you own and manage a rental property.


14 May 2019