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4 Ideas For Downtown Community Events In Your Small Town

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Small towns across rural America are dying, left with a downtown full of vacant storefronts and no industry. Organizations such as Main Street America are helping older or historic communities revitalize themselves, and holding community events is one way to increase visibility and revenue. Here are four ideas for community events in your town.

Develop "First Fridays"

Many small business owners are struggling in small towns, especially if a mega-retailer has a presence. One way to get people downtown again is to hold an event on the first Friday of every month. While downtown businesses typically close by 5 p.m. each evening, businesses are encouraged to stay open later during these events. This gives more people the opportunity to explore the shops, boutiques, and cafes located there. Business owners can also hold sales on items they need to move out. Increased foot traffic increases visibility and revenue, and it may just encourage an entrepreneur to rent one of those vacant storefronts.

Start A Farmers' Market

Just about every rural area has small farms. Additionally, many people have hobby farms, with gardens or chickens that produce more than they need. Local artisans and crafters also need a place to sell their goods. Setting up a Saturday morning combination farmers' market and craft fair will get not only the townsfolk out but visitors as well. Other downtown businesses such as coffee shops, bakeries, and bookstores will also see increased business because people may want a bagel with cream cheese and a steaming cup of coffee to go with the morning newspaper.

Create A "Taste Of The Town" Event

Small town restaurants often struggle to compete with one another. After all, there are only so many residents to go around. Small towns are also often economically depressed, leaving little money for things like going out to eat. But creating Taste of the Town events can encourage people to come out and see what each establishment has to offer. These events can also attract traffic from other nearby larger cities. Each restaurant should offer small plates or samples of their best dishes to introduce new customers to their unique offerings.

Hold A Community Dance

The warm months of summer are the perfect time to cordon off the downtown area on a Saturday night for a good old-fashioned block party. You can hire local musicians to provide entertainment while the restaurants and other vendors offer food and drink.


28 May 2019