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4 Propane Accessories You Need For Your RV

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Summer is here, and for many people, that means hitting the open road in their recreational vehicle. Whether you park it at your favorite campground or cruise from spot to spot, you're going to need your trusty propane tank to help you feel at home. These four propane accessories will make using propane even easier and safer.

Liquid Propane Gas Alarm

Statistics show carbon monoxide is responsible for approximately 25 percent of all propane-related fatalities. When your appliances are regularly maintained and in proper working order, carbon monoxide from your propane isn't a concern you need to worry about. Of course, it's better to be safe than sorry. A liquid propane gas alarm will immediately alert you if it detects unsafe levels of carbon monoxide in the air.

Liquid Propane Tank Cover

A heavy-duty tank cover will protect your liquid propane tank from the elements and sun. A tank cover will also offer protection against any flying projectiles you might encounter driving down the highway. A tank cover can also provide a bit of protection in the event of a minor accident. Additionally, propane tank covers are more aesthetically pleasing than a naked tank, which will make your recreational vehicle more attractive.

Liquid Propane Gauge

You'll never have to worry about running out of propane again when you have a monitor for each tank you use. You can opt for an in-line pressure gauge. This type of gauge is installed between the gas line from running the grill or other appliance and the tank's cut-off valve. The tank pressure will register on the gauge as full, empty, or somewhere in between.

Another option is a tank scale. You simply hook the tank handle with the device and lift it up. The weight of the tank will let you know how close to empty it is. A third method is perhaps the easiest and that is a propane tank that works by temperature. A thermostat is stuck to the tank, and it registers how full the tank is by the temperature reading.

Liquid Propane Distribution Post

Recreational vehicles often have many appliances that run on propane. Your refrigerator may use propane. Your grill probably uses propane. Your lanterns use propane. Your range and oven use propane. Your generator that allows you to have electricity at some campsites may use propane. A propane distribution post will allow you to use up to three appliances at once.

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25 June 2019