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Talking Major PSI! What Hard-Hitting Commercial Pressure Washers Can Do For You

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A pressure washer is a pressure washer, right? Not exactly. There are residential pressure washers that do a decent job of washing your car and removing dirt from the stone tiles of your patio. Then there are commercial pressure washers that can remove just about any kind of stuff from any surface you can imagine. What exactly is the pressure difference? Would you want something more powerful to do a simpler residential job, or is that a bad idea? These are the kinds of questions answered below. 

Homeowner's Pressure Washers

Most of these pressure washers that you can buy from big box stores and hardware stores for home use are less than one thousand PSI. They get the job done when the job is messy and tedious but really not very sticky or complicated. A commercial pressure washer hits anywhere from five thousand PSI to about ten thousand PSI. If you put the lowest pressure pressure washer for residential use next to the highest pressure washer for commercial use side by side, what you would get is the difference between wetting dried-on egg yolk on a car and blasting the dried-on egg yolk off of the car completely. 

Buying or Renting a Commercial Pressure Washer

Yes, you could purchase a commercial pressure washer for home use, but there are a few reasons why you would not. One, it is quite the investment for something you may only use once or twice a year. Two, the only time you will ever need that much pressure in a pressure washer is if a gang of hoodlums have spray-painted something unpleasant on the side of your brick house or covered your walkway in vibrant and obvious graffiti. If that has never happened to you, then buying a commercial washer is not ideal. If it ever does happen to you, renting a commercial washer or hiring a pro is a better idea. Finally, reason number three, that much pressure can cause damage to your home and other structures or possessions if you do not know how to expertly set the controls and use it correctly. It does not operate in the same way as a residential pressure washer.

As a Cleaning Business Owner, However...

If you own a professional cleaning business that uses commercial pressure washers to clean the exteriors of most things as well as sidewalks, walkways, and driveways, then these washers are perfect. They are an investment into your business, and within about ten cleaning jobs they have paid for themselves. Every truck and employee should have one on board, regardless of the job calls they receive. 


25 July 2019