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Make Your Kitchen Island Illuminating With Backlit Countertops

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Backlit, illuminated countertops are a new trend in kitchen design. But is it right for you? A backlit counter is usually a natural stone counter that is illuminated from below. The illumination gives it a dramatic, almost otherworldly appearance.

Want a Night Light?

One of the major advantages of a backlit counter is that it can be used as a light at night. Backlit counters aren't bright enough to be glaring: the glow is very subtle. At night, a kitchen island can serve as a beacon for midnight snacks and guests in search of the bathroom.

With the right backlit counter, you can even change the color of the light, or have the color of the light change on-the-fly. Color-changing lighting can change the mood of your kitchen quite dramatically.

What Types of Counters Can Be Backlit?

Usually, a backlit counter is going to be marble, onyx, granite, or glass. Natural stone is visually interesting because you can see the veins of the stone light up, and the lighting is natural and irregular. Frosted glass, on the other hand, has a more consistent appearance that's contemporary and modern.

Recently, some people have begun using resin. Resin is expensive, but it means that you can get any design you want. You can even have a backlit seascape inside of your kitchen counter. 

How Are the Counters Backlit?

Backlit counters are lit up by a simple shadow box underneath them. This lighting is cool to the touch, and consequently, isn't dangerous. It also doesn't consume a lot of energy: it's not meant to be bright and glaring.

Why a Kitchen Island?

Backlighting your entire counter might be a bit much: the glow will be quite intense. That's why illuminated countertops are usually kitchen islands. The kitchen island will serve as a focal point and major design feature.

Are There Downsides to a Backlit Kitchen Island?

A backlit kitchen island is going to be a little more expensive than a traditional kitchen island, and you may need to change the lights in it eventually. But really the only downside is that a backlit kitchen island is going to need to be cleaned more frequently. Any dust or dirt will show very clearly.

Backlit kitchen islands are a great way to get creative in your kitchen space. Not only do they add light, but they also add visual interest. You can take a look at a showroom or contact a supplier like SlabLite to learn more. 


5 September 2019