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Growing Hemp? Four Tips For First-Timers

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The demand for hemp products has increased over the past several years. Some people are extracting CBD from the hemp and using it for therapeutic purposes and others are making jewelry from the stems of the plant. If you want to grow hemp for any purpose, you're going to quickly realize that there is a bit of a learning curve. This is a bit different from growing corn or tomatoes. Here are four tips to help you grow hemp successfully your first time.

1. Buy your seeds from a good source.

There are a lot of hemp seed vendors on the market and some are better than others. If you don't buy good seeds, you'll get a poor germination rate, and then you'll have spent a lot of money on seeds only to have a few hemp plants. Look for a seed supplier who has been around for a while and who has good reviews. The best suppliers will promise you a certain germination rate as long as certain directions are followed. (You may have to supply a certain number of hours of sunlight and a certain amount of water.) If you follow these instructions and the seeds do not germinate well, you can get a refund or new seeds. The fact that the company offers this guarantee means they're pretty confident in their seeds.

2. Grow outside.

This is not marijuana. Although hemp is closely related to marijuana, there are key differences in how it grows. Many marijuana strains have been adapted for indoor growth, but hemp is a rougher, tougher plant that really prefers outdoor growth. It will have more room to spread out and send down deep roots — and hemp is known for its deep roots.

3. Don't seed too early.

Once the hemp plants are a few inches tall, they'll be pretty hardy. But when they're young and tiny, they're quite sensitive to cold. So be patient in the spring. Don't plant your hemp until the soil is at least 46 degrees F, and until you don't expect the outdoor temperature to fall below 50 at night.

4. Test your soil.

One strange thing about hemp is that it prefers alkaline soils, whereas most plants prefer acidic soil. Test your soil before you plant the hemp. If it does not have a pH above 7, you can mix some baking soda into the soil a few days before planting your hemp. 

With these tips above, you will hopefully find success with your first hemp harvest. Reach out to a company that sells viable hemp seeds to learn more.


18 October 2019