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Tips For Properly Arranging A Self-Storage Unit


If you are trying to move your household, but the new place isn't ready before you have to leave your current home, you may end up staying with friends, family, or in a hotel for a while. This means you need to find a place for your belongings. A self-storage facility offers you this place. It can be too easy to load all your stuff into a truck and then quickly unload it in the storage unit. However, unless you are absolutely sure you will be able to move everything to the new place in a week or two, you need to take some time and plan a storage situation out. Here are some tips to ensure you are able to get into the unit before getting into your new home.


The first thing you should do is divide the unit into different sections. Each section can represent a room. When unloading the truck, put the boxes and furniture into the section that corresponds with the room they will be going to at your new place. Don't forget a section for your regular storage like a garage or attic. This way, if you need to get something, you can go right to the section where it belongs.

Mark Boxes

While everyone says they are going to mark the boxes they pack for a move, it doesn't always get done. If everything is going into a storage unit, make sure to not only label the room the box will go to but also note what the box contains. You can get as specific and detailed as you want with the content label. Be sure to cover the label with wide strips of packing tape, so they do not accidentally get ripped off or torn.

Leave Walkways

Do not just start at the back of the unit and pile things all the way to the front. Leave enough space to walk around each different section so you can easily get to what you need. This may mean that you need to rent a larger unit than what would hold everything crammed inside, but it will be worth it in the end.

A self-storage unit will keep your belongings safe until you can get them out and move them to your new home. It is much better than having everything stored in a friend's garage, as you will always have access to your stuff.  


4 December 2019