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Sustainable And Circular Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

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Billions of records from large companies and major financial services firms were compromised in major cybersecurity breaches in 2019. Such statistics make enterprise security chiefs shudder. The rapid growth in teleworking is making mobile devices indispensable in the operations of enterprises, and increasingly these devices are connected to home internet and IoT systems. In the era of work mobility, ensuring enterprise data security requires a circular mobile device lifecycle management approach. 

Many enterprises still view mobile device management as practicing sustainable asset disposal to save the planet and one's environmentally responsible sheen. But data security threats arise from the sourcing of mobile devices and deployment through to repairs and disposal. To manage these risks, more enterprises are adopting a lifecycle process approach to enterprise mobility solutions management.

As more and more enterprise data moves to the cloud, a circular approach to mobile device lifecycle management ensures data security and lowers the total cost of ownership from mobile device procurement through to disposal. 

Mobile Device Procurement 

The circular process begins with device procurement. More enterprises are choosing to lease or finance their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Companies specializing in electronic waste recovery can then find reuse and recycling solutions that get maximum value from recovered electronic materials.

Data Security 

Enterprises have traditionally eschewed products as a service model. Instead, most companies still destroy equipment due to device security concerns. The mobile life of an enterprise is increasingly managed from cloud services. As thousands of IoT devices are connected via the cloud to enterprise mobility solutions, ensuring the highest end-to-end data security requires a circular cloud approach. System threat models and security solutions and upgrades should be facilitated from this 360-degree view.

Sustainable Asset Disposable 

This year, the world will generate 50 million metric tons of e-waste and dispose of only 20 percent of it in a sustainable manner. Reports of stockpiles of the world's major consumer brands being found in toxic third world dumps create tremendous reputational damage to businesses. Only a quarter of enterprises sustainably dispose of their mobile devices. With data secured, the enterprise can pass obsolete devices back to their circular mobility solutions provider to sustainable disposal.

Sustainable mobile device life cycle management involves centrally managing the security of devices and data through a circular approach. This allows the IT department to also control user-owned and IoT devices and the multiplicity of data flows. In the process, sustainable enterprise mobility solutions reduce IT costs, protect the planet, and support corporate sustainability goals.

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23 April 2020