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Choosing Rain Gear For Work: Colors To Improve Your Safety

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If your favorite color is lime-green, choosing the color of your rain gear is easy. Yellow, orange, and lime-green are the most popular colors for work wear. But each color will affect your comfort level and safety differently on the job site. 

Following are considerations when choosing rain gear for work with high visibility, reflectivity, and safety in mind.

Work Rain Gear Colors for Safety 

Orange, yellow, and green are the most popular colors for rain gear for work because they are universally associated with work safety. But not all of these colors will necessarily be best for your job. Many workers are not aware that these colors represent a safety risk spectrum, as follows:

  • Orange – Moderate risk
  • Yellow – Minor risk
  • Green – Safety equipment and information 
  • Blue – No immediate risk 

When drivers see an orange vest on the side of the road, they know there is a risk of injury if they do not slow down for road constriction. 

Several color options to increase your visibility include choosing a highly luminescent color and adding luminescent stripes in white, yellow, or another light color.

High Visibility Rain Gear Colors

Equally important as the color is the pigment of the color. Makers of work gear add pigments to increase visibility under different lighting conditions. If you work on an airport runway or directing traffic for a construction crew, high visibility clothing is important for safety. Highly luminescent yellow and lime green are the most visible colors in work rain gear. 

Hi-viz materials use pigments to enhance the light spectrum. Visibility is best in strong UV light. If you work in daylight, drivers will not miss you in hi-viz rain gear. 

High Reflective Rain Gear 

Hi-viz material should not be confused with reflective material. Material with high reflectivity bounces light by reflecting it back to the light source. Under low light nighttime conditions, highly reflective material helps ensure drivers see you. 

Though when choosing the color of your rain gear, there is no need to compromise. If you want to improve your visibility, place reflective tape on your hi-viz jacket. As night falls, you will start to glow and maintain good visibility.

If you have to have the blue rain gear, blue can be the new orange by adding reflectivity or hi-viz tape. Also keep in mind your thermal comfort when choosing rain gear colors. Light colors will reflect more light and keep you cooler on the job. 

For more information on rain gear for work, contact a local supplier.


30 July 2020