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2 Tips For Choosing A Frame To Complement Your Picture

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If you have an important photograph that you wish to hand up in your home, you know that you will need to frame it. However, you may be undecided as to what type of frame would help set off the picture and let it stand out. If so, use the following tips to help you get started with choosing what frame would best complement your picture.

Think about Whether You Wish to Use Wood or Metal

One of the first things that you should consider when choosing a frame for your photo is what type of material to use. While there are plastic frames available, for an important picture, wood or metal would provide better protection and aesthetics. However, it can be difficult to choose between the two materials.

If your photograph has a modern flair to it, a polished metal may be better suited. Or, if you wish to have more of the focus on the picture rather than the frame, a thin, dark metal frame would add a touch of elegance without overwhelming the photo.

However, if you feel that the picture has a more traditional tone, wood would be a better option. You can select one that is either plain or ornate, as well as any type of carving in between.

Consider the Overall Tone You Wish to Convey

After deciding on the material you wish to use for the frame, consider the overall tone you wish to convey. This can help you decide on the color and hue of the frame.

If you are looking for a sleek, modern appearance, a black or red frame can set off the photograph. However, if you want a warm traditional tone, a dark wood may be better suited.

Along with the tone you are looking for when selecting the color, consider the colors in the picture itself. You can either choose a color that matches certain highlights in the photo or one that creates a contrast. 

When you want to show off an important photograph in your home, choosing the right material and color for the frame to complement the picture can help set off the overall tone of the picture. If you are still not sure as to what type of frame would look best for your photograph, speak with a business that offers picture framing services for assistance so that you can also discuss your framing options.


21 September 2020