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Six Things To Know About Shipping Products With Cardboard Shipping Tubes

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Cardboard shipping tubes are often a great solution for shipping products out to customers. They work especially well for companies shipping paper products like posters and screen prints. 

There are a few things it's important to know if you're using shipping tubes for your business. The following are six things to know about shipping products with cardboard shipping tubes. 

Costs for shipping with cardboard tubes are generally calculated by weight

It's important to understand how your shipping costs will be calculated. Typically, costs for shipping cardboard tubes are calculated by weight.

Therefore, you can reduce shipping costs by minimizing the amount of packaging and other items that add weight to your shipping tube packages. You can also bring down shipping costs by reducing product weight. 

You should take your measurements carefully

One of the most important considerations when shipping with cardboard tubes is sizing. You need to find shipping tubes that are the right dimensions for your product.

Choosing a tube that's too small will make it so that your product won't fit properly. A tube that's too large could mean extra shipping costs. Overlarge tubes could also mean your product will move around within the tube and could potentially be damaged as a result. 

Take measurements carefully to find the ideal tube size and dimensions for your needs. 

Thicker cardboard means more protection

While minimizing weight can save you money, heavier and sturdier tubes could offer more protection during shipping for your product. This is an important consideration if your products are fragile.

Thicker cardboard will protect fragile products better and minimize the chances that damage will occur while the product is en route. 

You can compare costs between cardboard shipping tube suppliers

It's best to shop around to find a shipping tube supplier that will offer tubes at the most competitive price. Less expensive shipping tubes can save both your customers and your company money. Therefore, be sure to do your research and find the best deal.

Securing the end caps properly is essential

Cardboard shipping tubes are packed with end caps on either end to close the tube. You need to choose a tube that comes with end caps that will close firmly and securely. End caps that come loose during shipping mean that product damage and/or loss becomes likely.

Attaching your company name and logo to your shipping tubes is important

Branding your cardboard shipping tubes is a good idea. Fortunately, this is convenient to do if you have labels designed with your company name and logo that can easily be fixated to the exterior of the shipping tube.

For more information, contact a cardboard shipping tube supplier.


4 November 2020