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Seven Key Considerations When It Comes To Designing Your Job Candidate Management Solution

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Having an effective job candidate management solution in place is essential to keeping your company staffed with qualified professionals. There are numerous considerations you need to take into account to find qualified applicants and screen them properly in preparation for hiring.

The following are seven key considerations when it comes to designing your job candidate management solution.  

Application process

The first step in a candidate management system is finding the prospective applicants and guiding them through the application process. You need to consider how you'll advertise open positions. You'll also need to create an application process. Determine the information you need about applicants initially before you move them forward in the process and interview them. 

While it's important to bring in a lot of information about candidates, it's also important to realize that many candidates might not complete the application process if it is too complicated and drawn out. 

First impressions

You need to put some thought into the first impressions your job applicants will take away from the application process. You want to try to leave candidates feeling enthusiastic and hopeful about the position. Otherwise, they may feel pessimistic about the position and you may lose qualified applicants who immediately begin looking elsewhere for a position. 


How will you communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process? When will you respond to submitted applications? It's important not to let too much time pass between the time that you receive an application and contact candidates. The best candidates will already have found a job elsewhere if you wait too long. 

Evaluation of candidates

It's important that those who are doing the hiring at your organization know what to look for in job candidates. You want to create a systematic method for evaluating individual applications. Some things you can look for in applicants include professional credentials, academic training, past professional accomplishments, problem-solving skills, initiative, and dependability. 

Time frame

Consider the time frame for processing candidate applications. You want your job candidate management solution to be efficient and relatively quick. You don't want it to take too long to get candidates through the process or you might find yourself dealing with staffing shortages frequently. 

Interview process

The interview is an important step when it comes to your job candidate management solution. Like the application process, the interview should also stir up enthusiasm for the position in candidates. 

Hiring process

What happens once you've decided to move ahead with a particular candidate? At this stage, you'll probably be carrying out background checks. However, that's not likely to be the only aspect of processing a new hire. You also may need to negotiate pay and benefits with the candidate. 

Consider all the tasks that need to be completed before you can hire a new staff member. Also, consider how quickly a new staff member can start working once you've decided to hire him or her. 


23 February 2021