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Protecting Your Car's Exterior With A Wax Coating

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Wax can be an important and effective type of protection for your vehicle's exterior paint, but it will not be able to offer the level of protection you need to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

Understand The Protection A Wax Coating Will Provide Your Vehicle

Wax coatings can offer your car's exterior paint a number of different benefits that can help to keep it looking its best. For example, the wax coating may be able to significantly reduce the amount of damage that the paint experiences as a result of solar damage. The wax can also provide protection against minor scuffing from dust or small particles that strike the paint while the car is traveling at high speeds.

Thoroughly Clean And Dry The Vehicle Before Applying The Wax Coating

Before you apply a wax coating to your vehicle, it should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. This is necessary to prevent dust from getting trapped under the wax coating as this could make the car appear to be dirty regardless of the amount of cleaning that you do to it. After washing the car, it should be allowed to fully dry before the wax coating is applied. This may not seem like an important step, but the moisture can prevent the wax from being effectively applied to the exterior of the car. In extreme cases, the moisture may even get trapped under the wax coating, which could cause moisture damage to the paint.

Apply The Wax Coating As Evenly As Possible

As you are applying the wax coating to the vehicle, you should take extra care to ensure that it is being applied as evenly as possible. Individuals can often find it challenging to tell whether they have already applied wax to a particular area of the vehicle. While you are waxing the exterior, it is best to proceed methodically so that you can more easily track the areas of the car's exterior that have been protected with this coating. Completely finishing the application of the wax coating to a particular panel before moving to the next.

Remove Any Wax That Gets On Your Auto Glass

While you are applying the wax coating to the exterior of the vehicle, it may be possible for some of the wax to accidentally get on the auto glass. If this occurs, you should make sure to remove the wax from the glass as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it could dry, which may make it much harder to remove as well as potentially causing the glass to appear hazy. 

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23 April 2021