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Custom Framing Ideas

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Good framing can last a lifetime. A custom frame is one that contains the dimensions, base materials, and accents that a consumer chooses. If you have a beautiful family photo or a piece of artwork that you would like to display over your mantelpiece, explore framing options that a supplier offers.

Sample Materials

Some framing businesses may feature sample materials that a consumer can request. Samples may include a series of unfinished and finished framing materials. Having access to sample frame pieces will allow a consumer to compare the way that various materials will complement the picture or piece of artwork that will ultimately be framed. Additionally, sample materials can provide insight concerning how a particular frame color or texture will coincide with furniture and decor that is displayed in the same room as a custom frame. 

Size And Thickness

A thick piece of canvas or a photograph that contains a lot of detail may not look its best in a thin frame. Framing sizes include the length and width dimensions of a custom product and the overall thickness of a frame. A matting technique that is used to anchor an item that will be framed may require that the frame depth is expanded.

The specifications for each frame size and glass or plastic cover should be assessed prior to placing an order. If a framing business is local, a consumer will be able to bring in the item that will be framed and view how a photograph or piece of artwork will look inside each frame type. 

Custom Accents

A textured frame or one that contains embellishments can make a picture or piece of art the focal point of a room. A custom framing company may use various texturing agents and etching materials to provide a frame with unique touches. Lettering that is printed on a frame or an inscription that is added to a frame can be used to convey a message.

For instance, a consumer may want to highlight a specific location and the names of the people who are portrayed in a picture. If they choose to have a statement or title added to a frame, anyone who views the frame will be provided with details about the photograph that is on display. Nameplates are an alternate accessory type that can be used with a custom display. Nameplates can be anchored above or below a framed item that is displayed on a wall.

For more information about custom framing, contact a local company. 


17 February 2022