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3 Ways Fleet Management Software Reduces Equipment Operating Expenses

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Operating large trucks incurs significant costs, and fleet managers are always looking for ways to reduce those costs as much as possible. If you're in charge of a fleet, here are three ways that fleet management software can reduce your business's equipment operating expenses.

1. Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is much more affordable than unexpected repairs. 

When a truck breaks down, you may have to pay for roadside assistance, towing, quick parts delivery, and overtime, which all drive up the costs of making the repair. Operations are also immediately interrupted, and you have no control over when that interruption occurs.

In contrast, preventative maintenance can be scheduled beforehand so that you don't have to pay for towing, expedited delivery, or overtime work. Any interruption to operations can also be minimized by strategically scheduling the work, and everyone can plan for whatever interruption does occur.

Fleet management software helps you monitor truck usage and maintenance, so you can predict when each truck should be serviced. Software with live telematics will even show what the remaining expected life spans of different components are so you can schedule preventative maintenance before parts actually break.

2. Lower Fuel Consumption

Fuel accounts for a large portion of trucks' operating expenses, and any reduction in fuel usage will directly generate savings. 

Fuel management software with real-time telematics shows you exactly how much fuel each truck consumes, and you also can check usage according to when different drivers are behind the wheel. You can use this data in a variety of ways:

  • Calculate the expected savings from maintenance that helps reduce fuel consumption
  • Send the most efficient trucks on the longest routes
  • Determine whether a truck's inefficiency justifies replacing it
  • Coach drivers who use more fuel on ways to adjust their acceleration and braking

A dispatcher can also monitor how much more fuel trucks have in real-time and use that information to find the most affordable stations within the truck's range. Drivers themselves might not know which station to stop at for the best fuel prices.

3. Locate Equipment Efficiently

Large businesses that have many trucks can sometimes experience difficulty locating a specific truck. Even if you know a truck's located at a depot, garage, or construction site, you might not know precisely where on a property it is. The driver may have to walk around for a little trying to locate a specific truck.

Fleet management software with telematics will show the precise location of each truck, so drivers can immediately walk to wherever it specifically is.


20 July 2022