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What Sets White Glove Moving Services Apart?

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Moving is always a challenge. Packing up your belongings and ensuring that they get safely from one location to the next can be a struggle for even the most organized individual. Many people hire specialty moving services to outsource this task to people with the equipment and expertise necessary for an efficient and stress-free move. There are many different moving companies to consider, but people who desire the utmost care for their belongings may want to consider a white glove moving service. These are four things that set white glove moving services apart:

1. Inspections

When you entrust your belongings to a moving company, it's natural to want the assurance that they will arrive in the same condition that they left in. To this end, movers with a white glove moving company will perform inspections before and after delivery. This will ensure that in the unlikely event that damage occurs, it will be noted immediately and compensated appropriately.

2. Careful Delivery

People often hire white glove delivery services to handle fragile items, collectibles, and items of high monetary or sentimental value. The movers assigned to your move will pack each item carefully in the manner best suited to it. Fragile items will be wrapped in bubble wrap or another protective packaging to ensure that they are not damaged during the move. White glove delivery services may also utilize climate-controlled moving vehicles to ensure that electronics, art, wine, and other items that are sensitive to changes in heat and humidity will not sustain damage during the moving process.

3. Liftgate Equipment

Loading and unloading a moving truck can be a prime time for moving disasters. The risk of dropping an item as it is unloaded can make some clients worry. Fortunately, white glove moving services utilize liftgate equipment to minimize the potential for damage. Liftgates are mounted onto moving trucks, allowing furniture and boxes to be raised to the correct height for loading and unloading. Liftgate equipment protects both movers and items from unforeseen accidents during the moving process.

4. Installation Services

Getting your belongings to your new house or apartment is only half the struggle of moving. Once your things arrive, you'll need to start the process of unpacking and getting settled, which may include installing various appliances and putting together furniture. If you're not particularly handy, these tasks may seem daunting. Fortunately, many white glove delivery services also offer installation services in addition to standard moving services. Your movers can put together any furniture or electronics that were dismantled to facilitate moving, which can save you the hassle of hiring additional helpers. 

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22 November 2022